Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gardening with Grandpa

I was talking on the phone with my Dad telling him I wished he were here to help me get my garden going, he said "I guess I had better come help you." The next thing I knew he bought plane tickets and was helping me get my garden planted!

 Reese and Bennett were by his side the entire time and grandpa was so nice to never yell at them like he probably should have!
 My Mom was so fun to have also! She made bread and babied all of us, we loved it!

I love this picture! 
Selfies in Sunday School!


 We had the neighbor kids over for an easter egg hunt!  
Lots of eggs!
Bennett got a ball for Easter that was used against him.

We found a fun new pool to swim in!


 We were so happy the Case family drove all the way from Arizona to visit us during spring break!
It was really fun because all of my kids had a buddy to hang with the whole time!

 This naughty boy hated the tulips

 I told him to Smile and I would give him candy
this is what he gave me!

 An attitude adjustment when we had s'mores !
We went hiking, and to the beach.  We colored eggs, went to the temple, had a hot dog roast, road dirt bikes!  It was a BLAST!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brady Turns 12!

Brady is Awesome!
12 Things We Love About Brady
  • He likes to build (he built this swing set for the little kids, and as part of a scout merit badge!)
  • Brady is always up for keeping Lucy in line!
  • Brady is kind hearted
  • He loves to hang out with Ben
  • Brady loves coming home to my cookies
  • Brady loves to play basketball
  • Brady likes scouting
  • He is a good big brother
  • He reads his scriptures every night
  • He is planning on going on a mission
  • He thinks he is pretty funny, most of the time no one else does!
  • He is really good at math

Hiking & Hot tubbing!

 Jayne likes it!  
We finally let her in, 
We love relaxing in our own filth, as Lucy says!

4 miles with these guys! It was fun!
Alley is a beast, she carried Bennett 3 miles.


 The reason we celebrate valentines day.
The reason he is fat!
 The reason why I can never find my blankets
 The reason why our Saturdays are full
 The reason why I can never find him.
 The reason why Costco made the double cart.
 The reason I am fat!
 The reason I love Ben, He is RICH
and bought me a little runner car.
 The reason I can't take naps, 
these things won't be quiet!
The reason I wanted a bike for Christmas
These two are hard core bike babes!