Monday, July 11, 2016

Blaine, Wa

 We visited Semiamoo resort in Blaine Wa.  It was fun to turn rocks over and find tiny crabs. and look at the view! Mt. baker in the background.  Claire and I are twiners, so everyone says!

Oklahoma Summer

We spent a lot of time in grandmas pool.  By the end of our visit, Bennett was jumping off the diving board.  Once he started he didn't want to quit!
 We especially love going to the land to jet ski and Kayak.  The kids could have spent all day here.

 This year we went to Lake Tenkiller for our family reunion.  It was a lot of fun to spend 3 days all locked together.  We had amazing discussions about kids, the gospel and how much fun is to much fun! Obviously we don't have enough.
 Feeding hotcakes to 50 kids is hard work, but grandma and grandpa have it handled!

 Celebrating Dennis's Birthday

 Celebrating Fathers Day.  My dad is the Best!
We went to Tulsa and visited Grant and Marks Family.  They were so nice to host us and all of our kids on the Lake!

 We had a Great time at Uncle Barry's house.  He entertained us with miniture donkeys, horse rides, fire works and dutch oven cobbler!

Boston And New York

Welcome to New York

Boston!  Look at the bricks and the horse and carriage!  I was in love.

This could be my Favorite Picture. I think we had 5 to many eclaires.

 We made it to Boston!  We met up with Mom and Dad and drove to Fenuil Hall where we bought pastries and dinner.    Boston was so full of history and so East coast, I couldn't believe I was there.

 Day 2: We walked the freedom trail.   

This was the church that healed many of the revolutionary meetings.

I loved how the old buildings were mixed with the new

An old burial ground dating in the 1500's  Beautiful

Paul Revier
North Church where they warned about the British

Inside North Church

My Favorite Picture! A perfect description of Boston!
 On To New York:  Central Park was breathtaking!  I got tears in my eyes, because I've always wanted to go, and I just felt like the Lord was so good to me to allow me to see one of my dreams come true.  The weather was glorious, and we couldn't have had better traveling companions.

I just couldn't get over the sky-line
Lovers Bridge and the Plaza Hotel

Rockefeller Center

 While in NY we ONLY ate Pizza, it was on every corner!  It was so yummy.  We found out that cheese pizza is the only way to go.

TIMES SQUARE: Was more futuristic then I could imagine.  I had seen pictures of it, but being there in person was exciting, with all the lights and sounds and people. 

We road the Statin Island ferry to see Lady Liberty

MORE PIZZA! Dad wants a bite, I can tell!

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We went to the 9/11 Memorial Site.  It was really sad, but the monument was really fascinating. 

We Seriously couldn't get enough of Times Square.  It was where all the action was, like the BROADWAYS.

Phantom: We scored awesome seats and we loved sitting after a Long day of walking.  The music was beautiful.
Matilda was easy to watch.  We enjoyed seeing such talented children preforming.

 I shouldn't admit it but, Jersey Boys was my Favorite of the plays we saw!  I even caught Dad and Mom rocking out to the music.

Walking out of the Theater right into crowded Times Square was shockingly AWESOME!

Goodbye New York.  It was Incredible.

 Hello Coastal Drive to Cape Cod.  Mystic Connecticut 

 The Vanderbilt Mansions  Newport RI.  This was worth the drive, we walked along the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean looking at these impressive houses.

 Cape Cod looking out to Martha's Vineyard
This lighthouse was everything I wanted in a lighthouse.
I guess I have a standard for lighthouses?

 Back to Boston: We just couldn't stay away!  I think it was the baked goods.  I loved traveling with Mom and Dad, they were really good sports and loved seeing everything.

 Before I could end our trip I needed one thing, to eat at a real Italian restaurant in Boston and get one last cupcake!  DONE.