Tuesday, October 28, 2014

15 years!

 Happy Birthday to my Alley May!

  • Alley is always happy
  • She always wants to be doing what is right
  • She is kind to everyone
  • She is a perfectionist
  • She likes to play basketball
  • She is patient with all of her siblings
  • All her sisters want to be just like Alley
  • She loves baked goods (like her ma)
  • She is sensitive to the spirit
  • She does not like scary, graphic movies
  • She likes going to stake dances, parties and movies
  • She is always trying to be better (if possible)
  • She is a hard worker
  • She has 3 jobs, mows the neighbors lawn, works at Edge and score keeps YBA
  • She is planning on going on a Mission 
Happy 15th Birthday Alley we are so blessed you are in our family

 It is truly fall,  I have my pumpkins out and the black cat is acting all spooky!  And Basketball has started.
 Elizabeth is the newest family member to become a player!
Ben spends a lot of time carting these kids to their games. 
He's the best for driving them all over.
 I guess all that Basketball watching gets tiring!
Actually the rainy weather has started and when its cold and damp we like to burry ourselves upstairs watching movies.
 Vision:  I kept putting it off...Now I can see!
Um..Can you say I am living Brian Regans comedy script?
( you will have to watch it sometime.)
My heart hurts, she is growing to fast.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Just some pictures

 I could shoot Lucy!  Every picture she is doing something weird.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Odds and Ends

Reese loves to help with Jayne, but she tends to sleep on the job.
Some times you have to find a spot to lay your baby down. dryers work.

 Jaynes blessing day.  It was kind of a rough morning.

Spencer comes for a visit!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Rain

 The last day of summer vacation left us with this...
Dumping rain!

Every little girl knows what a selfy is...
 Canned peaches and tried to make pasta sauce using our millions of tomatoes!

Some one has to watch Jayne! Lucy has the touch!

The first day of school for my middle school kids!
  Alley in High School
Claire and Elizabeth in Elementary and of course I can't forget my Homies!  Reese, Bennett and Jayne.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Pictures

 My little Bennetto!  
He is such a cute little stinker!
He loves tractors and trains.

She's my little helper at home with all the kids gone at school.  
She has really stepped up and is so kind.
 She reminds me why 4 is my favorite age!

2nd grade
I love these pictures of her because they capture her personality!
She is always "trying" to do good, unfortunately she is a bit of a space cadet mixed with a cults, a very interesting combo!

 My Lovely Lizzy
She is in 4th grade and strives for perfection.
She sets goals and meets them, she is quite remarkable!

Brady Boy
He is in 6th grade, at the middle school,
this year he decided that he would make everyone in the school his friend.  He is succeeding, he says he gives 200 high fives a day!

 Lazy Lu
She's in 8th grade.
She is amazing with Jayne.
Lucy is ready for school, looking perfect, in 5 minutes every morning! 
Lucy adds SPICE to our family!

Alley is a great help to me!
I really can never repay the Lord for sending our family such a wonderful first child.