Monday, July 11, 2016

Oklahoma Summer

We spent a lot of time in grandmas pool.  By the end of our visit, Bennett was jumping off the diving board.  Once he started he didn't want to quit!
 We especially love going to the land to jet ski and Kayak.  The kids could have spent all day here.

 This year we went to Lake Tenkiller for our family reunion.  It was a lot of fun to spend 3 days all locked together.  We had amazing discussions about kids, the gospel and how much fun is to much fun! Obviously we don't have enough.
 Feeding hotcakes to 50 kids is hard work, but grandma and grandpa have it handled!

 Celebrating Dennis's Birthday

 Celebrating Fathers Day.  My dad is the Best!
We went to Tulsa and visited Grant and Marks Family.  They were so nice to host us and all of our kids on the Lake!

 We had a Great time at Uncle Barry's house.  He entertained us with miniture donkeys, horse rides, fire works and dutch oven cobbler!

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