Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toys For Boys

In searching for ways to keep Brady busy, my sister in law told me about
GEO TRAX made by fisher price.
Because I am a caring person, I feel an obligation to all mom's with little boys, to pass along the details and my love for this little known toy!
This train set is perfect for small hands (Claire uses it!)
No small parts to choke on or loose
It fits together easily and quickly.
Speedy Clean-up!
You can add to it slowly (so not to break the bank) You can buy it on craigslist.
Great Resale Value
Just add batteries and the towers light up, the car wash moves and the bell sounds.
We have had this toy for three years, each year adding to it, and I have to say;
It has been a great investment!
I only wish I could get paid for this advertising blog!


Rachel said...

Ethan has Geo Trax too and loves it. I agree, it's totally great!

HandsomeRob said...

Okay, next time you see that on Craig's list let me know. I have two train addicts living at my house!

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

Geo Trax is AWESOME!! My boys love it and so do ALL their cousins! It's so nice when you find a toy they can do by themselves and they go to it day after day!!

Austin and Heather Kramer said...

Thank you for being such a "caring person," I have always felt that you were ;) even if you did get to join the JJ club and I didn't!
We'll definitely have to look into this next Christmas!