Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miller's Got Talent

Almost every night our kids want to play the game
Millers got talent, a game that proves who is the most talented.

Brady with his walking handstand won the game!

Elisabeth's talent was "cheezing"

Alley's Russian Dance

Lucy's headstand


Daniel and Tiffany Dunn said...

that's cute. it reminds me of "add on" on the tramp! fun times!

mlg said...

What a cute idea, I think all the Millers have talent, what was yours??

Jeremy Saunders said...

jennifer that was so funny. I love the "peace" sign snuck into the pic and brady has gotten so long! yeah, what was your talent?

Terry and Nicholle said...

I want to know your talent too, Oh yeah I forgot... It's being the hottest mom on the planet right? This sounds like a great game. I will have to try it with my kids. I know what my talent will be... sitting on my butt!.

HandsomeRob said...

I vote on the Russian Dance, that was the best! Was your talent putting your entire hand in your mouth...that was pretty hilarious!