Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We call it...

Wednesday Work.
Every Wednesday Ben goes to Mutual and the night seems to DRAG on. Well, I came up with the perfect solution, killing two birds with one stone, I decided the kids can work, why always me?
You see this is so great because they know every Wednesday they will be helping me clean the basement. They keep busy and I get part of the house clean.
We blast the music and within the hour the basement is clean, and as a consolation prize for all the willing, happy particapints they get to watch a movie with MOM.
I win yet again! Who says motherhood is tough?
Brady the trash man (he hates it when we call him that!)

No Childhood scaring here, I'm just creating a clean FREEK!

Alley showing off her clean room!

The toilet actually looks pretty good, I may not have to do it over again!


Jeremy Saunders said...

lol! The kids will surely look forward to going to mutual to get out of Wednesday clean with mom! HA! Good job mom.

mlg said...

That's great your kids are having fun while they are cleaning you must be doing something right!

HandsomeRob said...

That's the way we do it in our house except there's also dancing. I won't be posting any pictures one should see Robby's dance moves!!!
Don't tell him I told you that!

Crazy Black family said...

Wow, I'm totally going to try this when I have kids old enough to help. Laura's a bit young still... I try, though. Great idea! And I'm due mid-December. :)

Tobler Bunch said...

That is how we do it at our house. We blast the music, sometimes it distracts us all and we start dancing, but it just makes it more fun!! Youa re such a fun Mommy!

Brandon and Lindsay said...

I'm glad I'm not the only mean mom who makes her kids scrub toilets! I mean really-who makes more of a mess, me or them?