Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alley May

Alley turned 10 and wanted to get her ears pierced.
So we loaded up the crew to watch the pain take place.
All smiles before!
Still smiling with one earing in...

Ah, all done! And so Cute!

Someone got ahold of the camera and took a self portrat.
I guess I will blog it!!!


Megan Johnson said...

how fun that she got to get her ears pierced!! Brookelynn just got her ears done last year. can you believe you have a 10 year old! Good luck with everything the next few weeks!

Jeremy Saunders said...

I can't believe she is 10! And what a cute girl she is! Love her dimples. She is a lot cuter than Ben! LOL!

mlg said...

Alley is so cute! That is a fun birthday present! Happy Birthday Alley!

Tobler Bunch said...

Oh My goodness...Eliza has been asking about getting her ears pierced and I told her that on her 10th b-day (May 2010) we could consider it more seriously. I am going to show her these pictures of Alley! She looks so cute with her ears pierced. Loved Ben's Picture as well...funny guy!