Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Eleven Years!

Eleven years ago today Ben and I were married. It was the very best decision I have ever and will ever make. I've seen on a few other blogs that people list their top 11 (or however many years they have been married) things they love about their spouse and I always like reading it so I thought I would give it a try, its only 11 things, I can do that!

1. Ben is patient

2. Ben is ALWAYS happy

3. Ben is SO HOT

4. Ben really likes our kids (Sometimes I want them to disappear)

5. Ben has a solid testimony (He bears it often to the kids, which makes my heart swell)

6. Ben has always worked hard to provide

7. Ben is my best friend (we still have tons of fun together, nothing to exciting, but my day always gets better when he is around)

8. Ben inspires me ( I hear simple experiences that he has in his life...Which is usually told to me by someone other than Ben...and it makes me want to be as kind, thoughtful and generous as he is.)

9. Ben never complains (maybe this is general for guys not to complain but I think its amazing, maybe because I complain all the time?)

10. Ben makes me happy (its all the things he sacrifices to show me he likes me. Instead of going to a movie, he chooses to come home and help me put the kids to bed. He stays home on Saturdays just to hangout. He will take me SHOPPING...that is true love.)

11. Ben gives me "wings to Fly" maybe this is cheesy but Sister Hinckley said this of President Hinckley and I thought it described Ben really well. I will get crazy ideas or want to go out and leave him home for hours with screaming kids and he is always happy to see me go and do what I want.)


tvmom said...

congrats on 11 years!

Summer said...

Congrats, I can't believe 11 years! Fun, and that was a great post Jennifer! Now we all want to be married to Ben!

sarahandmatt said...

you have a sweet husband. He's pretty lucky too! Congrats!

mlg said...

Ahh that was really sweet! Ben is a great guy!

Daniel and Tiffany Dunn said...

That was sweet! it made me tear up! (i held it in though because that would be embarrassing!) Great job at describing Ben!

it all adds up said...

Cute post and cute photo! :)

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

I love the pic! Y'all look so CUTE and in LOVE!! Congratulations on 11years! We missed your wedding because I was due to have Austin any day, but we love you and Ben and your sweet family! Y'all are AWESOME!! I loved reading your post about Ben, he is wonderful; and so are you!! I enjoy reading your blog. I wish we lived closer! We are missing you and your family this holiday season! LOve ya.

Tobler Bunch said...

Better late than ever...Congratulations!

The Northwest Bunch said...

You guys are toooo cute! Love all your comments on Ben. Very sweet.

The Ferguson Family said...
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The Ferguson Family said...

Hands down, one of the cutest couples ever! I love this post. It was so sweet. I'm sure he would have some of the same wonderful things to say about you. You're pretty awesome too! Congratulations!

Shane, Liz and all the Crew said...


thanks for visiting my blog! you and your family are as adorable as ever. reading your blog made me miss your mom so much. she did so much for me every time i had a baby, too! tell her hi for me. i think about her often. caroline was just here for Christmas and we actually talked about you and your family...wondering how you were all doing.
best wishes to all of you!
much love,
ps. i am a MAJOR blog stalker! it is so fun!

Gus and Carolee Drake said...

That was really sweet! Isn't it great to married to someone so wonderful... sometimes I wonder how it was that I married so far "up"! Congrats! You have a beautiful family.

Michelle Christensen said...

Um, yes..I am going to need you to help me blog my sister..

Congrats on 11 years