Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Mom

I have the greatest Mom in the whole world!
She has been with us for 12 days, I'm sure to her it was 12 days of absolute work, but to our family and especially me it was a wonderful experience.
Not only did she help with Reese, but she made great friends with Claire and Elizabeth. All of the kids loved the extra attention from Grandma, and when I am not able to give it to them right after a new addition to our family is born, she is the BEST filler, playing games with them and telling them stories.
My Mom worked way too hard running this family.
She stayed busy washing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, making bread and cookies, fixing delicious dinners, helping kids with homework, made a perfect Thanksgiving dinner, let Ben and me go on two dates and wrestling the kids in church all alone. And not once a word of complaint, or criticism of my disorganized life, just love and service!
Thank you Mom. We already miss you.


Jeremy Saunders said...

Your mom is amazing. That's why you keep having kids, so she will come visit you! JK. She is a great example, and is why you are such a great mom--and she is still so young looking and beautiful!

HandsomeRob said...

I'm glad she was able to come and help and visit with you. I think a daughter needs her mom more after she's had a baby then any other time.

mlg said...

That is Awesome! What a perfect gift for you!

Austin and Heather Kramer said...

Aunt Lucy totally deserves every nice thing you said. She is so sweet and wonderful! This post makes me really miss her! I'm so happy she was able to come for so long.

Bryce and Valerie Waite said...

Jennifer your kids are so cute!! And your baby is so sweet!