Monday, March 22, 2010

The Spirit of Fire

I really don't cry. After the birth of a baby, no tears. Sending off a kindergartner to her first day of school. No tears. Sad movie? Nope. But last night I cried.

It was around 7:30 that I was watching our elected officials pass a bill that would change our country as we know it. I wish that this bill were just about insuring the sick but, its not. It's about giving up a little bit of my freedom one step at a time. It was about trashing the entire constitutional concept of government by the people, for the people and of the people.

You see, this country is exceptional because of the good people living in it. Therefore the Lord has prospered us by allowing freedom to inspire men and women to live out their dreams. In this country, you can become a minister, dentist, plumber or a private business owner all because the Constitution calls for the government to allow all men these opportunities without their (the govt) hands in our decisions.

With the passing of this "Health Care" bill the government has over stepped it's rights, in my opinion, and is sticking it's ugly head into every asspect of my life it doesn't belong (and the misspelling was intentional!)

Let me just point out a few ways this bill may become too intrusive.
1. I would like a soda.... I can have one but I have to pay a HC tax on that cause it will make me fat and require Dr. visits.
2. I would like to choose a Dr that is a specialist in a certain area...Well maybe I'll get him but the wait and the red tape I will have to go through won't be worth my time. So I go to old Joe down the street and I end up blind! (dramatic for a reason!)
3. I would like to have more children....well, it will just cost the government more money to have these kids so a 2 children limit is put forth.
and my list could go on....

I know, I know this is a tad bit extreme but this is exactly the way they inch, ever so slowly, into our lives until we are totally dependant on government to make our decisions for us. Why would anyone want to do this to someone you may ask? Well it's all about POWER. In history we read of Kings being killed by brothers, sons and wives for power. I believe this bill and kind of control for power is much more subtle and the most dangerous, I hear friends and family sounding much like this scripture "All is well in (America): yea America prospereth, and thus the devil cheateh their souls, and leadeth them away carefully ...

With all of this happening last night I couldn't help but feel that my country, my fellow men not only had betrayed me but had also betrayed the very God that established this great country. Tears of sorrow streamed down my face, yet in my heart I felt the Spirit of the Lord so strongly. How could I feel the spirit when I was so upset and offended by my members of congress?

Not only was the Lord giving me comfort, but he also allowed me to first, reflect on my heritage and second, my love for the gospel.

First, I remember my mom telling me about my Grandmother, she would get so passionate about a certain subject that it almost seemed like she was mad. but, she would say "I'm not mad, I'm just filled with the Spirit, the Spirit of Fire!" That was Exactly how I felt.

Second, after this bill was passed I went directly to the prophesy of Joseph Smith "The time will come when the destiny of this nation will hang upon a single thread." We have all heard that quote, but I did not know the line that followed. "At that critical juncture, this people will step forth and save it from the threatened destruction. It will be so."

This morning listening to Rush the opening sentence of his program was this: "America now hangs by a thread." My eyes teared up again just thinking of Joseph's prophecy being fulfilled. However this time the tears were for the unwavering faith I have in the American people to step forth and save this country. I thank my God that he has given me this free country, which I love, and also for a prophets words to give us comfort in time of need.


Jeremy Saunders said...

ah jennifer, you are such an awesome person, and oh so young yet wise years beyond your age (and looks--you still look 18). This was so well put. I wonder if you could post it on FB, and other places. Thanks for speaking your mind and allowing me to hear it. AMEN SISTER!

mlg said...

Great post, thanks for sharing what is in your heart and on your mind, for speaking truth.

HandsomeRob said...

Jennifer thanks for sharing your thoughts I loved reading this post, we've beeen talking a lot about the Health Care Bill the past few days.

Robby listens to Rush, Levin and Sean every day and always fills me in on what's going on because I stopped listening after Obama became President...and now I'm a happier person. I couldn't handle all the drama with our government!

The good thing is that the worse everything gets the closer we are to the Savior coming.
It is a sad thing that this Health Care Bill will affect us in so many more ways than just giving more people crappier health care. That furiates me!

I cried after having all my babies and I'm already getting emotional for when Paden goes to school but no tears for Obama. I think that's because I believe we have a corrupt government but righteous people and the Lord knows that.

It will be interesting to see what happens the next few years and how this will affect our lives.

Michelle Christensen said...

dang J. That is such a good thing you just wrote. I hate our corrupt government. You actually have me worried when you say they will tell us soon how many kids we can have, etc. This is not cool..i dont want life like the communist countries. Next they'll treat us like China.. No more kids..oh and religion? yah, no. Not cool! i dont like Obama..