Monday, November 22, 2010

The Fun Ship

My brother Dennis called us up one day and said he found a great price for a cruise out of Florida to the Bahamas. Since it had been 5 years since we last left the kids to go on vacation we jumped at the chance to go!

Our first breakfast on the ship, enjoyed with Mark & Samantha
we were docked at Freeport.

Aren't they cute?!
We got off the ship and jumped on a shuttle that took us out snorkeling

It was a fun shuttle ride looking at the beautiful Bahama countryside.

I had only met Samantha 3 weeks earlier at Her and Marks wedding. It was a blast getting to know her more. We partied a lot together, working out, laying out and pigging out...Well I did all of the pigging out on my own!

Kim & Aaron

Crazy ol' Aaron, He's always good for a laugh!

The water was so clear we could see the fish swimming

My cousin Vaughn and his wife Allison
I really liked having them on the cruise, they are so easy going and fun!

The water was warm and we saw lots of different fish. On this boat their was a water slide that we slid down. People even got crazy doing flips off the top of this double decked boat.
Of course I miss all the camera action !

Beach Volleyball
Check out how deep, white and awesome is the sand

We had A formal dinner on the ship that night we had to where dresses and ties
Bryan & Donna
Donna is the mother of 8 children, If they could have only seen their mother cutting a rug on the dance floor, those kids would have been impressed with their mom's energy!
Donna is one non-stop party animal!

Nice Pants, Mark!

I got this dress at the goodwill, it served it's purpose....
It had sequence, and that is formal, Right?

The next port was Nassau

We had 28 people in our group, here are a few.
We rented scooters, and cruised the island.

This is a totally RAD picture, if I do say so Myself!

He's wearing my glasses!

Brian & Shell
He looks a little nervous

Hells Angles Scooter Style!

The red flag warning beach goers the water was dangerous was flying.
Did anyone listen, or Obey?
The rip tide was so strong that a few people lost there suits,
and a few people needed saving.
(I was totally wearing the WRONG suit)

Back on the boat ready to Hot Tub!

Dennis, Kim and Aaron Hot tubing in 90 degree weather

This is the life, look at that view!

Laying out so fun, wow! Kim you are HOT!

Lounging on the deck.
We had a great time!
I definitely have to give a shout out to my awesome mother-in-law
for watching 6 kids for 5 days. She made this trip possible.


Jeremy Saunders said...

SO JEALOUS! You looked skinny too!
guess you didn't pork out too much

mlg said...

Oh that looks like so much fun especially with that huge group! You look great, still 16! We will have to get together for more details glad you had a great time!

Stefani said...

Ahhhhh! Sounds so awesome!! How fun that you all got to go.

HandsomeRob said...

Nice warm sun, sand and water. That sounds REALLY nice right now! ha
I'm so happy you were able to get away and have some fun, you deserve it! Yes, we need to get together and hear all the details but then I might see your beautiful tan body and get too jealous!

Maren said...

ohhh it looks like everyone had such a great time! Jennifer, you are sooo skinny. You look amazing! I loved all your different suits too! so cute.

sarahandmatt said...

Looks so fun! Your family is so attractive. Seriously. Everyone looks great--even in bathing suits!

Michelle Hayes said...

Fuuun pictures!!

samsumsion said...

Awesome pictures! Welp. I guess it's time to start planning the next cruise now! That was SOOO much fun!

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

Jennifer, I am glad you posted all thsoe wonderful pictures and comments!! I must say we all had a TOTAL BLAST!! When can we go again???? Next week??? Okay, maybe that is too soon; but let's go again....hopefully Barry, Carin, Cami, David, Grant, and Maren can join us next time!! Great pictures and Great times!! I will never forgot the wonderful memories we made!!

Cami said...

I am jealous too! But, I am really glad that you guys had such a good time! And, I agree with Sarah, how could you guys look so good in swimming suits. This time of year is when you give in on diet and exercise because you know the New Year is coming soon. Why start now? :)

I love all of it. Thanks for taking the time to post everything.

it all adds up said...

Looks like so much fun!! Love all your pics!