Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Week Later

 Elizabeth is looking great!  No more red scars on her face, just some yellow bruises on her body.  She will get her stitches out next week.

In other News:
 We had a great time at the Melba 4th of July!

This is funny, the other day I told Ben that he really needed to create more bonding moments with the girls.  The next thing I knew he was painting their nails.  I think he actually enjoyed it! 


HandsomeRob said...

WHAT!!! I cannot believe how quickly her body healed, that is amazing. I'm glad she is doing much better.
I LOVE the last picture of Ben and the girls, very very sweet.
Yes, we do need to get together. I am almost over this nasty sickness and than I'm good to go!

Jonathon and Sarah said...

WoW! I am shocked at how good she looks. What a blessing that it wasn't worse. We sure felt bad that you had to leave on such a sad note. It was so fun to see you and your family though.

kim christensen said...

Wow! She looks great! I can't believe that bruise on her chest though. Her chin must have hit hard! Good to see her smiling! So glad we could see you for a short time!

it all adds up said...

I'm so glad she's doing better! Poor girl!

Gus and Carolee Drake said...

So glad that Elizabeth is better! Ben is such a good Dad! You guys are so awesome!

Jeremy Saunders said...

I want some salsa! And jam and bread! Elizabeths' skin looks GRRREAT! And i think the girls loved having dad dote on them! Sweet moment!

The Davidsons said...

Lizzy looks so good! I think it's so funny that Ben is painting the girls nails and he is wearing a pink headlamp! classic. You are so awesome for making all that jam and salsa, I wish I knew how to do that kind of stuff. I would love to have rain now, it's over 100 degrees here and I hate it!