Thursday, October 6, 2011

Relief Society

About three months ago I was called to serve as the Relief Society president in our ward. Overwhelmed and nervous about this I had no idea where I should start or what I should do.   
I had faith that the Lord would sustain me, and give me insight to the needs of the women of our ward.  However, I doubted my abilities to deliver his will.   
While visiting with a sister, she told me that her very favorite part about being the Relief Society president was watching how the sisters cared for one another.   As I thought about what she had said, I started noticing all the kind acts the sisters would do for each other, and each time the service was preformed with such a humble attitude. I realized that this God-Given gift of nurturing was given to women, and the Relief Society is the organization where women can act on their tender feelings towards one another.  
I have seen caring visiting teachers pray for their sisters.  I have seen busy mothers drop everything to clean someone's house.  I watched sisters drive each other to the temple.  Dinners are delivered to the sick. And phone calls are made to the lonely.  Kind acts are being done daily, and hourly by wonderful women who care.
My abilities are limited, but when I see the kindness of others, it strengthens me.  It gives me testimony that the Lord has not left me alone in this work.  He has defiantly sustained me by letting me see this incredible army of sisters that carry His work forward.


HandsomeRob said...

I LOVE this. You couldn't have put it more beautifully. I love how you said that the RS organization is a place where women act on their tender feelings towards one another...SO true. It is such a blessing to be a part of the RS where everything that is good and divine about womanhood is encouraged and praised. I think that would be the best part about being a RS President, seeing so many kind, quiet acts of service.
You are an amazing woman Jennifer.

Stefani said...

Wow I didn't know this. But I am NOT surprised one bit!! You're sisters are lucky to have you. I love your post. I love your perspective.

Cooper Family said...

you truly are an inspiration! thanks for sharing, I think it's true in our homes as well as we see our children serving one another:)

Cami said...

This makes me want to serve a little more and care a little more about others.