Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween in all its Glory !

I usually hate Halloween post about peoples kids dressed up as cats or whatever.  Mostly because its really not very entertaining to me as a blog reader.  But, this year I have to throw out my feelings because this picture !
 Elizabeth is going to hate me when she is older and this is permanently embedded in blog history!  But, is this not the funnest costume you've ever seen?  The best part was that she worked it wearing this.  She was such a good sport making fun of herself, the more laughs she got the better she liked being a running freak!
 A Very Cute Cowgirl 
 They always want to be a princess at this age
 Brady wanted a costume that required no effort. He wore his favorite OSU pj's as a Basketball Player.
And it just so happens that Reese had the perfect cheer leading outfit to match!
 We piled on the make-up for this Pirate,
 she turned out pretty and not scary!
Can you spot the drama queens?


Stefani said...

love them all. but that running freak holds a special place in my heart.

Jeremy Saunders said...

OMG! I barely recognized Eliabeth! She ROCKS! LOVE IT!

Michelle Hayes said...

haha..that is amazing!!!

HandsomeRob said...

haha Jennifer, is Elizabeth pretending to be you? Maybe you should be offended?!!

Cami said...

They are really cute. I like them all.