Monday, June 18, 2012

Phoenix 2012

We had a great time in Phoenix with the Case family!

Bennett was upset he had to stay in the shade. (but was a perfect baby the whole time!)  Claire did this everyday!

Lucy and Brady catching some rays
Everyone is way more happy in the sun.  Its so rainy and cold in WA that I asked Cami to make sure we had a place to swim and be in the sun everyday!

Its no exaggeration to say we lived in our swimming suits!

All of the kids had a cousin to hang out with, which made for lots of playing and fun.

One of my favorite things we did, and we did a lot of fun things, was Cami took us to her in laws house where they have grass.  It was a heaven for kids with little cars, swings swimming pools, food and a pot belly pig!

A glimpse into teen years?
Cami was such a wonderful hostess, we intruded in on her during her 8th month until her little girl is due. She looks great!

These two were quite the duo!  This is a rare shot to see them looking so innocent and cute. 
This was reality!  They tried to kill each other the entire trip!

I got her to go to sleep riding on the raft like this!


April said...

FUN. You were smart to leave Bellingham, this weather is depressing. I think I have eaten my weight in chocolate chip cookies.

Bham2Sisters said...

awwww...what a fun trip, you should do it every year to get sun, but take me along!

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

What a wonderful trip!! So glad you got to go see your sisters!!! What a treat!! It looks like everyone had a TOTAL BLAST!!

Cami said...

That was so fun having you guys! What a party! I loved that everyone was a good sport the whole time you were here. Everyone got along. We LOVED it. I hope you come again.