Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What was I Thinking?

 This is our Jersey Girl.
She is very nice, and very stinky.  We are going to take her to the groomer to see if that helps.  If not she will no longer be our "little" indoor dog.  However, she LOVES Reese and Claire and is gentle with them.  They drag her around like she is a rag doll!


Bham2Sisters said...

OH NO YOU DIDN"T!!!!! You are craaaazzzy!!!! At least you have 5 acres....hey can Sophie come over for a playdate? GOOD LUCK!


April said...

You are crazy. I never thought you would ever own a dog...haha

The Davidsons said...

I love her! Can't wait to meet her!

Donna Mannewitz Christensen said...

What were you thinking?? She looks like a nice dog....and she's cute!! Enjoy!!

Reed Life Adventures said...

LOVE THE DOG. She is super nice. The kids will look back and always remember growing up with a dog. It is a good thing:) You sure are lucky she is SO nice and well behaved.