Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Fun Day With Bella

 Guest Blogger: Reese Jane Miller

Today I had my best friend, and cousin, Bella over to play.
We know how to play! First, we found my sister's secret stash of candy and ate it all gone, that way we would have energy to do all of the things we want to do!
We jumped on the bed, cause thats fun!

We take turns driving the truck!  
We crashed it into the wall a few times, cause that's fun!
My Mom has the prettiest jewelry you've ever seen
and the best smelling perfume.  
So we tried that on, cause that's fun!
More jumping on the bed and pillow fights
That was so fun!

We decided the bathroom needed a little cleaning.
So, I put Bella in charge of the toilet, she did a great job, she only used a whole roll of toilet paper to get the job done.
I did the floor.  I had this great idea if shampoo can clean hair, it will clean the floor too.  So I dumped All of it on the floor. 
Thats when we realized the bathroom floor could become an ice skating rink!
Now that was fun!
We played the most beautiful music, but my mom made us stop when we tried to express ourselves, through music, by walking on the keys.
That would have been fun!

Just to trick my mom we left this little blue number out!
Now that was funny!

 And for my greatest trick of the day...
I locked my Mom out of the house when she took Claire to the bus stop.
That was not as funny as I thought it would be!

Come again soon Bella.  Cause you are so much Fun!
Love, Reese


Cami said...

Jennifer, It sounds like you just made lemonade out of lemons! This is cute.

Those funny, naughty little girls!

Bham2Sisters said...

What a day! You certainly need a getaway! WINK!