Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A post about ME!

I have done a lot of things this year that I have never done before. I think moving to the country has brought out the home maker in me.  Well at least the adventurer in me.   I canned!  I use to watch my Mom can tomatoes and freeze corn and jams, but it was something I never was too interested in.   I decided since I had so many cucumbers in my garden going to waste, I had better can them.  So I preserved SPICY PICKLES!  oh and I youtube'd how to can peaches and It worked!

I like running on my treadmill at home because I can keep an eye on the kids, but the weather was too perfect to miss.  Not to mention the beautiful barns I get to see on my run.

 My favorite night of the week is Saturday night.  I get to go in a date with Ben.  Date night is sacred to me, I'm not sure how Ben feels but he acts like he likes it too.  We try to go to fun, "New" places.  This place is called the Train Wreck.  The food is fun.  And since this little restaurant is almost sitting on the train tracks, it makes for an interesting dinner when a train comes speeding by!
 However, out of all the "new" things I have tried nothing beats cuddly babies.  (its even better when they are Fat & Sleepy)


Marissa said...

You are amazing! Look at all those awesome things you've done! And I'm totally jealous you're in the country. I guess I'm considered that, cuz you can see fields and smell the dairy nearby, but Wal-Mart is still less than 5 min. I'd love to see those barns...beautiful!

christensen mission adventures said...

Totally amazing!! YOU canned pickles and peaches! Woe, I am so impressed with you, honey and can't wait to try them. I love the pictures of barns and things you see on your walks and dates with Ben, but truly that pic of you with the sleeping Bennett is best. Love you and can't wait to see and feel for myself in a few days!

Bham2Sisters said...

Love this post. I cannot run on a treadmill anymore, it is SOOOO boring and hard! Running outside is so much easier because of the beauties all around. Yeah for trying new things! I am going to try new things this year too!

Michelle Hayes said...

BAHAHA! I love fat babies too! I like that Train Wreck food. Looks really yummy! Also, Love your pink pants in that photo