Wednesday, February 5, 2014


When I was in Oklahoma I got a phone call from Ben telling me that Alley had been in a sledding accident.
He didn't have many details for me because he was busy with ski patrol and getting her on an ambulance.  All I knew was that she hurt her back and neck.   
A flood of guilt swept over me, how could I be having fun in Oklahoma when my little Alley is in crisis?   
Other guilt hit as I reflected on the previous week talking to Ben about how I hated youth activities that involve tubing, I know so many people that got hurt tubing.  We both agreed that we didn't like the activity, but that we would participate in a church activity.

 As I waited for Ben to call with more details I couldn't help but think how much fun Alley is to her brothers and sisters, and what a great help she is to me.
 Of course, I started going down the path of wondering if she would get to play basketball again, and get to even walk again.
However, through it all, not knowing what the outcome would be I felt peace that everything would be OK.   
I'm telling you the Lord hears the cries of mothers near and far from their children.  How I love Him for that!
Ben called with all the results from the Cat Scans and X-rays.  It turned out she had a sever concussion and would be very sore for the next few days!   How grateful I was to hear such news!
People were so nice to call and check on her while I was gone.  I think she really appreciated all the attention.

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christensen mission adventures said...

I loved Brady's birthday stuff and the 11 great things about Brady!!! I know he is a great boy and will be an amazing man someday.
The other two posts were also good, you and Cami in OK and Alley's accident. Thanks for letting me know to look at the blog. Love you, Mom