Friday, September 19, 2014

Summer Rain

 The last day of summer vacation left us with this...
Dumping rain!

Every little girl knows what a selfy is...
 Canned peaches and tried to make pasta sauce using our millions of tomatoes!

Some one has to watch Jayne! Lucy has the touch!

The first day of school for my middle school kids!
  Alley in High School
Claire and Elizabeth in Elementary and of course I can't forget my Homies!  Reese, Bennett and Jayne.


Stefani said...

What a great family!

christensen mission adventures said...

Such a cute post! I love the rain pictures and all the kid pictures for starting school. Your "homies" are adorable!! Jayne is getting so big and looking right in the camera! I can't wait to hold her in just 10 days! Also, I am so impressed with your canning! Where'd you come from girl? I do none of that now, just freezer jam. Thanks for the post! Love you!