Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Come Back Grandpa!
My parents live in Oklahoma and our visits are few and far between. I'm posting this to get them hungry to come back and see us soon. Only the cutiest baby in the world will work!


Maren said...

Oh I'm so jealous that they got to come see you!! I got a cute text picture of Claire in a tulip field the other day.. she's so adorable. miss you!!

Jeremy Saunders said...

great pics Jennifer! I'm glad there was so much for them to do and the weather even sort of cooperated!
And those earrings are hilarious!

HandsomeRob said...

Wait?!! Are those real earings...please say no!!

I'm glad you were able to have your parents come out to visit, too bad you can't see them more often. That's tough.

Stefani said...

Man, I'll come visit you for posting that photo! Wow! It should definitely work on grandma.

Michelle Christensen said...

HAHHA that is awesome

Kristi said...

Love it, Jennifer!!! What a gorgeous little Reece you have! Miss your family soooo much!
How do I follow your blog??? I am so blog incompetent!