Sunday, July 4, 2010

Three Weddings, One Month

Reese seemed to fit perfectly in this bed of flowers
Rachel & Tim
Oakland, California Temple
I thought I would just write, for memory sake, a few of the things that were said in the ceremony. In Tim and Rachel's the sealer was President Hunters son. He did a wonderful job explaining the importance of marriage, and the sacred ordinance it is in this life and the life to come.
They are such an attractive couple.
I love Tim and Rachel. She is such a great complement to Tim, after four years of knowing each other they finally tied the knot and we are all so happy for them .

The Millers
Annie, Emily, Tia, Cherie, Rachel, Tim , Pat, Ben & Spencer

The temple grounds were absolutely stunning

The view from the Temple

The San Francisco Bay Area

The Miller Brats!
(It's a term of endearment)
Alley 10, Reese 6 mo, Brady 7, Elizabeth 5, Claire 3, Lucy 9

The Miller Grand kids

Michelle & Brian
Boise, Idaho Temple
I just noticed that I am really bad at taking pictures of the bride and groom
In Michelle's wedding the sealer told Brian to always remember
He is a husband First
A Father Second
and whatever position in the church he holds third
and to never get these things out of order or he will be damned and fail at all three.
I thought this was a rather striking statement but the more I ponder on this, the more I know it is True. Our relationship as Husband and Wife are first priority.

The brothers were such good sports to take this picture
we are not "this" kind of family. I think they dropped Michelle after the shot was taken! Yes, we are "that" affectionate kind of family.

The Christensen's
Dennis, Mark, Bryan, Grant, Barry, Aaron
Jennifer, Mom, Michelle, Brian, Dad & Cami
(what a good-lookin' family!)
I met Brian at the wedding. The is a really nice guy. Michelle is crazy about him!

Endless Teasing from Barry were forms of affection
I'd say Michelle handled it well.
I probably would have punched him in the nose.

Tia & Tod
Seattle, Washington Temple
Love the little girls admiring Tia.
I have to say that Tia is fantastic! My girls think she is so beautiful, she has set such a good example for them by marring Tod in our Seattle Temple.
They want to be just like Aunt Tia.

During Their wedding I remember the sealer talking a lot about children. I wish I could remember all of the council...but I will try my best...He told Tia that she would find great joy in motherhood and the spirit would help her.
I shouldn't have waited so long to write all of this down, how quickly it leaves.
What a styling couple. Love the greenery in this photo.

Her dress is stunning!

A double reception was held in Mt. Vernon at Emily's house.
My friend Mod made the dresses.
I think they are so cool looking!

Geesh, they are cute!
Three weddings in one month was a Remarkable, Spiritual
event for me. I will forever remember the summer of weddings!


Rach said...

Makes me wanna get married all over again! Those dresses were so pretty! Very impressed you made it to all three weddings.

Ps your kids are all so stink'n cute

Michelle Christensen said...

Um..this is awesome! I am glad you wrote all of that down. Youre awesome J!

HandsomeRob said...

Loved all the pictures and the dresses are gorgeous and very stylish. There's way too many beautiful people in your family!

mlg said...

The dresses are stunning and both families are so cute, no wonder the miller "brats" are so darn cute!!

Cami said...

love all of it! Your sisters in-law, including Rachel, are beautiful. Good pictures Jennifer.

Stefani said...

Very good memories and advice. I'm glad you shared. Looks like a nice day in Oakland, it's not alway so. Pres. Hunter is great! He used to be Mom and Dad's Stake Pres. before. Such nice, nice people. Fun to see your family and you are "that" type of family, more than you know.