Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Elizabeth has been waiting to start kindergarten for almost a year, she will be turning 6 soon and the wait has been so long for her. But, the day has arrived and she was up and ready at the crack of dawn. She handled her first day very smoothly, she stayed awake, came home happy and even complained about all the crying kids in her class. Even though the wait was long for her to start school, it was well worth it to me. First, she went into kindergarten reading. Second, she was socially ready (not a "cry baby like the other kids") and my very most favorite she got to stay home with me for an extra year! Yay, for fall birthdays!

She came home this happy too!

I'm glad I still have some home with me to make me laugh!

Coloring is just to hard

love the apple shirt and shoes!


The Ferguson Family said...

Elizabeth's sweet smile is priceless! I love when kids fall asleep at funny places. And I too love the apple shirt and shoes!

The girls look great, Jennifer! Love ya!

Maren said...

love these sweet girls!

Michelle Hayes said...

Your kids...theyre pretty cute, I will admit to this. :)

sarahandmatt said...

you have very cute kids, Jennifer.

Cami said...

Woah! Claire looks so much like you. Reese is ADORABLE! And Elizabeth looks so happy! What is she doing wearing a coat? My kids are wearing T's and skirts to school every day. Wild!

Robyn said...

Yay for Elizabeth!! I'm so excited for her. :) She's such a sweet girl.