Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I wanna be her!

In some ways I am grateful for hard pregnancies. Don't get me wrong its tough to see blessings from...  The extra weight hurting my joints, the big belly is so uncomfortable, my skin is all oily and weird, my legs and arms have no shape or muscle to them. I am continually tired or hungry.  Oh and the nausea, is endless (along with the weight gain)!  
 I have learned that I have to have opposition in all things to understand the good and the blessings in life.  The good: Running and not throwing up!  The good: normal eating habits, not just cookies for every meal.  The good: shape! (come on who doesn't like to look DANG good?)  The good: energy that comes from working out.  The Good: getting up and feeling like you can accomplish something big for that day.   For seven months now I have been giving myself a pass to eat, sleep, be unmotivated and be pretty much selfish.  (all pregnant women should have this pass) With  under three months to go I am ready to reclaim and improve my former self!  
I'm hoping to read this a year from now and remember the bad and really relish in my GOOD health!


Stefani said...

Thanks for this. One of my favorite motivational sayings to get me out the door is, "One day I will not be able to run (or you can insert "work out"), but today is NOT that day. I realize there may come a time because of age or health or other circumstances that I won't be able to do what I do now. I am worried for this time, so I'm trying to remember to take advantage.

And you'll be back to your cute shape very soon, I'm pretty sure of that.

HandsomeRob said...

Isn't that the truth. I agree that there are blessings that come from hard pregnancies. I know how you feel and the minute you have that baby in your arms you will feel like a new woman.
We should plan on running the Fairhaven 15K together in September. I had Kingston in May and that was my goal to get back in shape and feel like a healthy strong woman again. It's crazy how when you are pregnant how much you want to just feel "normal" again. Only a few more By the way even pregnant you are the hottest lady and I am jealous!

christensen mission adventures said...

I am so proud of you honey! Having our 36th grand child. The boys will out number the grand daughters with 19 to 17, but we might even it out again this year, har! I am thankful you are smart enough to get back in shape between each beautiful baby! Those dears do take toll on our bodies, but oh the joy! I love you!