Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Freak of Nature

Less than three weeks left! 
 I hate to say that being this big is a little "freaky." 
 My kids think it is so Freaky when the baby rolls around and my whole stomach moves. 
 And try going out in public this way...It's weird, and more rare to see someone 9 months along.  
 I'm ready to be done being a Freak !


Cami said...

You look good Jennifer! That baby does look like it's about to come, but you look really pretty. You don't look swollen or fat, you just look like your baby is due soon. Aren't you glad it looks that way? It means the pregnancy and feeling sick and sore all the time is almost over. Plus you have the reward of a beautiful baby BOY in your arms.

April said...

You don't look like a freak, you look beautiful.