Saturday, March 3, 2012

Today you are 33 years old!

I love birthdays, especially my own!  The first year of our marriage Ben forgot my birthday, it was devastating to me.  And to him when my wrath came!   Ever since he has been very good to me on my birthdays and I have also been kind in reminding him when it is coming and my expectations for that birthday (I know that sounds kind of high-maintenance of me, but its better than disappointment)

This year because of my uncomfortable state, I told him I just wanted to go for dinner at cheesecake factory, and nothing else, not even a present.  (nothing would fit...ever!)

He did as requested and we had a great day out in Seattle, he even took me to Nordstorm Rack, now that is true love.

Still a little unsure if I were really telling the truth about no presents, a wise man like Ben made sure to cover his bases.   He bought me a present.   He told me he did and that it would be coming in the mail soon.   I was eager to see what he was shopping on line for, after all I gave him no direction of what I wanted.

Today the package from Deseret Book arrived, I anxiously opened the package to see.....

I couldn't stop laughing,  I can now add the church administration building to my Christmas Cottage collection!


Cami said...

Ben is nice to think of you! I hope you thanked him!

Happy Birthday, by the way!

Stefani said...

Hey old lady! Happy Birthday!
I'm all about telling the other guy what you are hoping for. I think Brad is finally starting to learn that when he does it I'm truly happy ;)

April said...


Michelle Hayes said...

HAHA! what the heck is Christmas COttage? I assume this is all a joke