Wednesday, September 10, 2014

School Pictures

 My little Bennetto!  
He is such a cute little stinker!
He loves tractors and trains.

She's my little helper at home with all the kids gone at school.  
She has really stepped up and is so kind.
 She reminds me why 4 is my favorite age!

2nd grade
I love these pictures of her because they capture her personality!
She is always "trying" to do good, unfortunately she is a bit of a space cadet mixed with a cults, a very interesting combo!

 My Lovely Lizzy
She is in 4th grade and strives for perfection.
She sets goals and meets them, she is quite remarkable!

Brady Boy
He is in 6th grade, at the middle school,
this year he decided that he would make everyone in the school his friend.  He is succeeding, he says he gives 200 high fives a day!

 Lazy Lu
She's in 8th grade.
She is amazing with Jayne.
Lucy is ready for school, looking perfect, in 5 minutes every morning! 
Lucy adds SPICE to our family!

Alley is a great help to me!
I really can never repay the Lord for sending our family such a wonderful first child.


christensen mission adventures said...

I love your kids!!! And who was the photographer? Someone professional, I assume! So cool, each kids. But where is Jayne? Ben? and you girl???
Love it anyhow.

Stefani said...

So great! Your kids are the cutest. My Brady (whom we also call Brady Boy) came in just as I was scrolling through and he asked who Brady was. I told him and read him the part about high-fives. He said that sounds just like me. Lol! I guess they are the same in more than just name - first and middle as I recall. Right now he's singing a song about loving panini sandwiches. Does your Brady love paninis?

christensen mission adventures said...

You will be so thankful you made this blog. Each post is like a journal entry, a picture history of your family. If very few people read it, it will still be very valuable to you and your posterity--and it will become even more valuable as the years go by. Thanks for sharing it with us.

mlg said...

Your kids are so dang cute! Congrats on baby Jayne she is adorable!

David Case said...

Holy cow! These are GREAT pictures! Who took them? I hope you have blown all of them up and hung them on your wall. How did your kids grow up so much in just a few months since I've seen them? Actually, has it been over a year? I miss them and need to see them. I think the ones that have changed the most are, in order of change, Reese, Alley, then Lucy. They are all so beautiful and handsome. I LOVE THE picture of Bennett at the top! Is there one of Jayne? Are you going to post these on Instagram?

David Case said...

That's actually from me, Cami.