Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lucy had a birthday!

We took Lucy to get her ears pierced.  Her BCF (Best Cousin Forever) got her ears done too! We love Lucy! She is one of the most wonderful girls I know.  She has a happy attitude all the time.  She makes friends with everyone. 

She is our little actress/diva.  She loves to laugh and help others.
She loves clothes!  Thanks to Grandma for the cute plaid shirt and to the Staheli's for the black shirt.  Grandma Miller made her the cute owl that she is obsessed with!  The very greatest quality Lucy has is her quite delight in doing what is right.
She is a great example to all who meet her!

It Snowed here on April 18th


Cami said...

We love Lucy too! Happy Birthday Lucy. Cute earrings!

What is snow doing falling in April?

Michelle Hayes said...

Oh my goodnes...how is there snow in April? Its freezing here too! weirdest thing ever...

Jeremy Saunders said...

Happy Birthday LUCY! We love Lucy!

The Davidsons said...

So cute! Wish I could have been there for the party!

mlg said...

What a cute girl, Happy Birthday Lucy!